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- Highly skilled and dedicated professional offering an impressive 12-year background in management, analysis, design and development of innovative and effective software solutions.

- Competent to lead and develop projects from the inception phase to the deployment. Solid software development life-cycle knowledge, consistently ensures timely delivery of successful software applications following FDA and ISO9000 compliant engineering processes. Experience working in regulated environment.

- Extended experience in health-care and medical data acquisition and analysis distributed applications.

- Broad spectrum of knowledge from real-time, multi-threaded and embedded software to web applications/services, databases and enterprise application integration and orchestration solutions.

- Technically current in both existing and emerging programming languages, technologies, platforms and tools. Able to master complex systems and programs in a minimum of time.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Able to facilitate communications between client and development team, mentor and develop motivated teams. Fluent in English, Hebrew, Russian written and verbal.

- Bachelor of Science degree, Computer Science (Graduated cum laude).

- Seeking a permanent or contract position in Greater Toronto area.


Software architect /Senior developer /technical project manager

XLTEK ltd. (,

Oakville, Ontario July,2000 – present day

Formulated requirements, designed and developed software for neurological medical data acquisition and diagnostic products. Oversaw the development of highly available, distributed applications utilizing latest component, database, networking and service oriented technologies and object-oriented methodology in the regulated environment. These applications allowed the company to win neurology equipment contracts in major US medical centers such as Mayo Clinic, Columbia Presbyterian hospital and others.

Successfully interacted with clients during requirements gathering and sales process, enabling the company to secure several important contracts.

Developed high-level software architecture and performed detailed design and development of key components.

Successfully planned and managed projects from design and development stages through deployment and maintenance. Developed software architecture, performed design and code reviews. Developed verification and validation strategies for execution by testing department. Participated in quality system and engineering process development to ensure FDA and ISO standard compliance.

Increased technical proficiency of the software team by researching, presenting and utilizing new technologies as well as mentoring team members.


· Project Manager/Senior developer for the sleep respiratory therapy product. Managing a team of 5 developers interfacing with marketing, hardware and mechanical project teams. Developing overall system and in particular embedded software architecture utilizing Windows CE and Compact .NET framework. Developing platform libraries, communication and storage infrastructure as well as user interface. Overseeing real-time micro-controller and data analysis algorithm development. 

· Project Manager/ Senior developer for the automated neural diagnostic point of care product. Managed a team of 6 developers, testers and clinical specialists, created specifications, overall architecture and high level design. Designed and implemented rich client side software using .NET Framework, C# and Windows Forms.  Designed a flexible plug-in based architecture for UI, hardware control and analysis of data. Oversaw the server side design including database persistence layer, web service and ASP.NET front end. Implemented DirectSound low latency audio solution and signal processing using C++ and P/Invoke.  Created and maintained enterprise library of .NET components, provided architectural guidance and developed a SharePoint based solution for all R&D documentation (included custom coding against SharePoint API).  Product versions were delivered on time and passed the clinical validation.

· Software Architect/Senior developer for the distributed database software. Developed specifications, project plan, core software architecture including object relational mapping and support for efficient querying and display of large volumes of data. Designed the database structure and  efficient database synchronization algorithms. Implemented core database querying, object persistence business logic and transactional file management modules. Oversaw development of user interface. This system is installed and performing well in over a hundred sites serving installations from 2 to 60 databases in various topologies. In subsequent version of the product the development was continued by others utilizing extension capabilities built into the framework with reports of great quality and ease of use.(Visual C++,STL,MFC,ADO,SQL)

· As a pet project for learning .Net and C# developed Web based in-house time tracking solution. Utilized ASP.Net and C# to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy a WEB based project time tracking application using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft  IIS. The system has been in use by department for the past 3 years with great success.

· Software Architect/Senior developer for Brain Mapping software. Designed overall software architecture. Developed object-oriented database persistence layer. Developed core modules of the application. (Visual C++,STL,MFC,ADO, COM, ActiveX, Microsoft SQL Server ).

· Software Architect/Senior developer for HIPAA compliance security module. Designed and developed role based security system model, database and communications components. Implemented database synchronization system for data replication (Visual C++,STL,MFC,ADO, COM/DCOM, ADO, Microsoft SQL Server ).

· Software Architect/Project leader for NurseAlarms product. Designed architecture and lead the development of the software. Developed a flexible plug-in based architecture for UI and backend components. Developed a communication and control infrastructure that keeps alarm state synchronized across distributed system and withstands various infrastructure failures.  Developed software support for hardware based alarm components. Successfully delivered the product that integrated diagnostic equipment with patient care hospital services providing a company with a unique value proposition and facilitating increase in sales. (Visual C++,SQL/ADO, TCP/IP, Multithreading, Visual Basic for prototyping)

· Project leader/ Software Architect/Developer for EventCOM messaging system. Component based event distribution system utilized by networked applications. This platform was utilized for implementing several key features of new products and gave the company a technological advantage over the competition. (COM/DCOM, Visual C++)

· Senior developer for Neuroworks –digital neurological diagnostic software. Developed features including distributed PTZ camera control, inter-process communication library, etc. and performed code base refactoring. (Visual C++,MFC, Win32 API,TCP/IP Sockets)

Software development contract

XLTEK ltd. (,

Oakville, Ontario August,2005 – present day

Contract work was done outside normal work hours and on weekends.

Complete design and implementation of web based sales quote generation system utilizing ASP.NET,C#,WinForms,ADO.Net and SQL Server 2000 and 2005. The project included integration with Designed and delivered a turnkey solution that is utilized by a large mobile sales force under tight time constraints. The project included business process analysis, requirements and specification generation, coding and maintenance as well as integration with legacy systems and other organizational business processes. The system helped to streamline quotation, decreased mistakes and improved the company profitability. Client satisfaction ensured continuing development and expansion of the system.

Programmer; Programming Team Leader / Technical Project Manager

Megatone Systems and Technologies (,

Haifa, Israel March 1995 – May 2000

Analyzed, designed and programmed Megatone software systems which enabled the company to become a leading radio stations software provider in Israel, capturing more than 80% of the market.

Managed the development and QA on numerous in-house software projects as well as consulting contracts. Ensured timely delivery and the quality of the software products. Resolved difficult technical problems and guided developers. Increased team competence and productivity.

Played a key role in company’s numerous successful projects contracted by Israel’s Ministry of Defense as well as numerous software companies such as RAD Communications, TALIA Technologies, etc.

Shaped company’s development process, increased quality of the software and reduced number of client’s complains. Researched, presented and promoted new technologies, enabling the company to make it’s products technologically superior as well as secure contracts due it’s unique technical expertise.



Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows (Vista,XP,2000,NT,98,3.11), Windows CE, DOS, Unix (Linux)

Languages: C++/C,C#, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML, XML,XSLT, PHP3, Perl, Pascal, Prolog, Java.

Technologies: .Net Framework, .Net Compact Framework, WebServices, ASP.NET, SharePoint, XML, XSLT, STL, Win32 API, MFC, ActiveX, ATL, COM/DCOM, OLE, ODBC, ADO/ADO.NET, SQL Server, Localization, DirectSound, SCSI-2, MPEG Layer 2/3,TCP/IP Sockets

Areas of Programming: Object Oriented Programming and design, Design Patterns, Agile methodologies, Component technologies, Multithreading, Databases, Network (TCP/IP), Audio, Hardware interface, Internet based database front ends, Web Services, Rich Clients, Healthcare and medical diagnostic and data acquisition applications, Systems Integration, Embedded software.

Tools & Packages: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ (7,6,5,4), Microsoft Visual Basic (6,5,4,3), Visual Source Safe, Install Shield, Borland C++, Java JDK (versions 1.0,1.2), Perforce, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, MatLab, Ace Expert 3.0 (HTML), Rational Rose, Visual UML, RCWinTrans, CrystalReports.


Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel           April,1998
  - Bachelor of Science, Computer Sciences / Graduated Cum Laude