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I was born in Leningrad, USSR, a city and a country which do not exist anymore (they are now respectively St.Petersburg and Russia).
I spent most of my childhood in the city of Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine. My family emigrated to Israel in 1990 and we have lived there until 2000. I now live in Maple,Ontario with my wife Tanya and my twin daughters Noa and Lia. The Tulchinsky side of our family comes from Kiev and is currently spread around Canada and US. Here is a page with my family tree.

The last name Tulchinsky, as many Jewish last names created in the 18-19 centuries, is derived form the city of Tulchin in south western Ukraine. It was given to many Jews in the region when the authorities required them to switch from the ancient patronymic system to the european style last names.

I registered this domain in the early yars of the internet, not thinking of many other people with the same last name who would stumble upon this site through the internet search. So, as a service to Tulchinskies everywhere, I have created a page devoted to our last name where I will list short family histories of all Tulchinskies that contact me.
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